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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, May 26th, 2013

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Halfway Home
We checked out of the hotel this morning and before turning south we went back out to Mehama. Here's what the last part of the drive looked like.

Welcome to MehamaCollapse )

Leaving Mehama, we went south on OR-226 through Lyons and stopped at Substation Road to photograph the most overbuilt-looking electrical lines you're likely to ever see.

Not Actually Agatha Hetreodyne's Power SupplyCollapse )

After a stop for breakfast in Albany, we continued south on I-5 to Eugene where we made a fruitless stop at Cabela's outfitters still looking for a new heavy coat for Lisa. Then it was back off the freeway and onto OR-58 and into the mountains. We stopped at Oakridge intending to buy some snacks a the grocery store there when the store across the road caught Lisa's eye, and we walked over to Willamette Mountain Mercantile, which is actually a bicycle shop, but also carries coats and other workwear. Here Lisa finally found a nice heavy coat, albeit not with a removable liner and in black instead of yellow, but it was made in the USA, which is a rarity these days, and it is warm and has a hood, all of which are good things.

Here Comes the WeatherCollapse )

Lisa drove from Chemult to give me a chance to eat my lunch. We pulled off at the Collier State Park Logging Museum to change drivers again, and we took the opportunity to shoot a picture of the (relatively) new building.

Logging Museum PhotosCollapse )

Approaching Klamath Falls, we stopped for a fuel top-off at the Pilot north of town so that we are confident about having more than enough fuel to get home tomorrow without needing to refuel again. The Holiday Inn Express had lots of room for me to take up three spaces parking the minivan-plus-trailer combination, and there were no difficulties with check-in. To our amusement, we were given exactly the same room we had a week ago coming the other way.

Tomorrow we go home. Lisa was already feeling better as we got nearer to Klamath Falls and the nearly incessant rain began to fade out and the sun shone through again. We're returning to the dry lands again before Lisa starts to mildew.

Current Mood: tired

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