June 3rd, 2013


Let There Be Light

On Friday afternoon, Lisa decided that while she still had me around, it was time to install the floodlight fixture she'd previously purchased for the south end of the garage. This area is badly lit at night, and she previously had extended the garage wiring on the inside of the garage to the south end. With me holding the ladder, she drilled holes in the sheet metal and installed the new fixture.

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There were some hitches with the initial installation — nothing dangerous; just annoying, requiring tracing lines back through fixtures to figure out where the missing connection was. When, after a couple of false starts, Lisa threw the master circuit breaker and we waited for the light to come on (she'd covered the sensor with a glove to simulate night), we were on tenterhooks until, after about 90 seconds, everything worked. (The sensor has a time delay so that it doesn't come on and off with every passing cloud during the day or car with badly-pointed headlights at night.) This is a nice improvement that will reduce the amount of bumbling around in the dark when we park at the south end, as there are no streetlights on that block.