July 5th, 2013

Kevin and Lisa

That's the Night That the Lights Went Out in Sac-Town

The reason my previous post is so badly late was that we had a power failure here last night.

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Lisa and I had gone outside to see what the hotel looked like blacked out. We saw a utility truck working frantically across the street and were looking up at the darkened building when the lights came back on again. The outage had lasted less than an hour, rather than the three-plus that SMUD was predicting. We headed back up to our room which was still pleasantly cooled off and went to bed, and I put off writing about anything until this morning.
Kuma Bear

Bear in Charge

travelswithkuma supervises the Tech Desk at Match Game SF

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He has an actual full-size badge, too, but it's too big for him. And he voted in Site Selection yesterday, too, although we were careful to have him visibly vote No Preference because people get unhappy about stuffed bears casting ballots. I know; I was there in 1990 in The Hague when there was a good-sized flap about such things and an amendment to the WSFS Constitution because of it.