July 11th, 2013

Match Game SF

Don't Mind If I Do

Leo Schwab shared with me this photo taken during the Thursday afternoon Match Game SF. (I honestly don't know if you can view it without a Google account. I can't see any way to embed it or I would do so here.) The reason I'm wearing the pith helmet is because it was a prop for a new continuing character around whom we plan to write more questions in the future: Colonel Chinstrap. The Colonel is based on the character from the old British comedy series It's That Man Again, and the Colonel made an appearance some years later on The Goon Show, where (unsurprisingly), it turned out that he was mixed up with Major Bloodnok.

Questions for The Colonel should be geared around him being a stereotypical blustering British Indian Army stereotype. We've already established that he served in the Imperial Airship Corps and the First Regular Army Deserters.