August 25th, 2013


SF & F Translation Awards Announced

The 2013 SF & F Translation Awards (for works published in 2012) were announced this weekend at Liburnicon 2013 in Opatija, Croatia.

The Long Form winner was Atlas: The Archaeology of an Imaginary City by Kai-cheung Dung, translated from the Chinese by Anders Hansson, Bonnie S. McDougall, and the author (Columbia University Press)

The Short Form winner was "Augusta Prima" by Karin Tidbeck translated from the Swedish by the author (Jagannath: Stories, Cheeky Frawg).

See the announcement on the SFFT Awards site for the honorable mentions and additional details. Cheryl announced the awards at the Croatian convention. Both the winners and the translators receive a plaque and a cash prize of $350 each.
Beware of Trains

Stage 3 Preview: The Jack Rabbit and Trains

I'll be posting photos later, but thanks to the hotel in Albuquerque having a robust wired connection instead of a spotty wi-fi one like the last two, I was able to upload the video we took of a passing BNSF container train on their "Transcon" paralleling Old Route 66 when we stopped at the famous Jack Rabbit Trading Post. If you've driven anywhere in the southwest, you may have seen their signs, and Here It Is:

We thank people for their restaurant recommendations, but we have a favorite of our own — Lisa was raised in Los Alamos and lived in Albuquerque off and on for some years — that is walking distance from our hotel. And after eating, we probably will need the walk.
SMOF License

Stage 3: Williams to Albuquerque

When we were packing the van back in Fernley, I saw Lisa put one of our umbrellas in the back. "Why are you packing that?" I asked.

"Because we might need it," she said. I laughed. This would come back to haunt me later.

I should have taken heed to the warning of this morning's weather at Williams, as it was raining as we packed the van to set off east. At times the rain was so heavy that the wipers wouldn't clear the window even at high. And while it let off later, it was cloudy through most of our drive across Arizona and New Mexico.

We got away early, which was good because the scheduler doesn't realize that Arizona is effectively in a different time zone. And we did keep making lots of stops, both because our respective metabolisms require it and because there were things we wanted to look at.

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As we were still at least two hours ahead of our revised projections to Albuquerque, Lisa asked if we could stop in Grants (where we were originally scheduled to stop tonight) and have a look at the New Mexico Mining Museum. Unfortunately, it's closed on Sundays, so we had to content ourselves with walking around the grounds. My diabetes blood sugar after lunch indicated that a walk was a good idea anyway.

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Around 5 PM, still comfortably ahead of our schedule (we still ended up losing 15 minutes against projections even with all the padding), 370 miles and 9 hours after we started today, (and 1,020 miles from Fernley) we pulled in to the Holiday Inn Express. Here my Platinum status actually worked and they upgraded us to a mini-suite. Furthermore, this must be a "first generation" HIX, as it had wired as well as wireless internet; therefore, It only took a few minutes to upload the photos and video I took today, as opposed to the wi-fi at Wiliams where the photos took more than an hour to struggle through the hotel network.

After getting the photos into my computer and the upload started, we took the camera back to the van and stowed it, then walked a couple of blocks to dinner. A light rain started to fall. By the time we were finished eating, it was a moderate to heavy rain. Lisa looked at me significantly. Despite having been warned multiple times and despite having been at the van before we walked to dinner, I hadn't brought the umbrella with me. Fortunately, it wasn't too far, and we didn't get too awful wet. Lisa improvised a rain hat for travelswithkuma, who does not like getting wet.

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Tomorrow morning, we'll be meeting an old friend of Lisa's for breakfast at a restaurant over by the train station before detouring north to Santa Fe to take care of some business with her late father's estate. While this does take us about 50 miles out of our way, we will then be able to take the shortcut (US-285) to Cline's Corners on our way to Roswell, our target for Monday night. Because we pushed harder the previous two days, we have less distance to travel tomorrow, and therefore I get an extra hour of sleep tonight. And I need it.