August 27th, 2013

SMOF License

Stage 5: Roswell to Fort Stockton

Today's trip was relatively short (only 225 miles) because we'd left room in the schedule to visit the Roswell Museum.

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Kuma Bear has his take on today's visit with more pictures of Bears Trying to Help.

Having been rebuffed at the Roswell Museum, we left Roswell about two hours early. So it was no problem to divert from the main route and go over to Roswell International Airport and visit the Walker Aviation Museum, which is located inside the airport terminal. (There are three flights per day in and out of Roswell, operated by American Eagle to DFW. There is one gate, a rental car counter, and a snack bar besides the museum exhibits. It was between flights and we pretty much had the place all to ourselves.)

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We're 1520 miles from Fernley, with one more day's drive before we get to Worldcon. Tomorrow's leg of the trip to San Antonio is about 350 miles, and we really hope we can get in before LoneStarCon 3 Registration closes tomorrow night, so we need to start early. I'm going to try to get to bed as soon as I can after getting this posted.