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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, September 1st, 2013

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WSFS Site Selection Business Meeting Report
The Main Business Meeting having settled all remaining substantive business yesterday, today's Site Selection Business Meeting was primarily for the formal announcement of the 2014 NASFiC and 2015 Worldcon Site Selection results. Like in a horse race, we saw who crossed the line last night, but the tickets can't be paid until the OFFICIAL sign goes up. In our case, the actual point where the election becomes final is when the standard procedural motion "to destroy the ballots" is passed (generally by unanimous consent) by the meeting. At that point, the results are final and the winning bid is now a seated convention and can start selling memberships.

With two elections, we got to do that twice: once for Detcon 1, the 2014 NASFiC in Detroit, and then again for Sasquon, the 2015 Worldcon in Spokane.

Some Ballot DetailsCollapse )

After each election became official, the newly-seated convention made their initial presentations and took questions. They had a short recess after that, followed by Question Time for Loncon 3, and then presentations and announcements from future bids. Lisa tried to record each of them separately, and they're uploading as I write this. Later tonight I will post a full list of the videos, but if you go over to my YouTube account you can probably find all of them now if you're really interested.

Business Meeting Chairman Don Eastlake then reviewed all of the WSFS standing and special committees and the appointments he made to all of them, except the Mark Protection Committee, whose members are elected by the Business Meeting. I'm sorry, but I haven't made detailed notes on these appointments. Note that it's now too late to have Don appoint you to any of these committees. You'll have to contact the individual committee chairs (I'll try to post contact information when I have it) to see if they are willing to add you to their committees. Some of the committees, particularly the YA Hugo Study Committee, are already quite large and thus unlikely to accept too many more people. Overly large committees get unwieldy.

With all business completed, the final action was to adjourn sine die (without date), which ends all WSFS Business for this year. With that, we were done for 2013. But there is a lot of committee work to do between now and Loncon 3, where timill gets to take charge of the circus for 2014.

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Worldcon Day 4: No Time
There was a Site Selection Business Meeting, about which I've already written. There was then a Worldcon Chairs Photo, the video of which I haven't yet posted, but will do so on Monday before the final day of high-speed internet service we purchased (and again, thanks to everyone for contributions toward the cost).

MPC Counter-RevolutionCollapse )

Lisa is Allergic to San AntonioCollapse )

I Space OutCollapse )

Hugo RehearsalsCollapse )

Hugo ShowtimeCollapse )

After 1 AM or so, Lisa (who was feeling a bit better) and I went out to a few parties. But not too much. And unfortunately, I find that I have an 8:30 AM meeting, albeit not a three-hour WSFS Business Meeting.

I'd like to write more, but I'm too exhausted.

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