September 2nd, 2013


Worldcon Chairs Photo 2013

I was actually afraid that the annual Worldcon Chairs Photo would be canceled this year due to all of the complaints about Old White Men, but LoneStarCon 3 scheduled it, as is becoming traditional, immediately following the WSFS Business Meeting on Sunday. In the absence of any specific direction of which I was aware, I took charge (nobody told me to do so, but nobody told me to stop, either) and asked people to rearrange the stage so that we could to the photo shoot. Linda Deneroff helpfully volunteered to act as the "look over here" person so we could get everyone facing the same direction at the same time so that everyone taking photos in that quadrant could get a clear shot. She finished up at front and center, and after all the photos were done, Lisa rolled the camera and we did the video shoot, which I went ahead and uploaded without doing any editing, subtitles, etc. If time and energy permit later, I will do another version with all the bells and whistles.

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In case anyone gets another bee in his/her bonnet about Old White Men who run all conventions, I would suggest you pay attention to what years each person in that photo chaired. Most of the older people in this shoot weren't old when they chaired their Worldcons. Considering how much energy it takes to do it, I'm not sure an older person could survive the experience.