September 7th, 2013

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Stage 10: Tucson to Tempe (With Muesums)

Today we drove from Tucson AZ to Tempe AZ, covering merely 128 miles. But that's because it was Museum Day.

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Having had our fill of museums and knowing that we still had miles to cover, we hit the road for Tempe. This drive had more excitement than I wanted. First a minivan and then a big-rig almost sideswiped us. Then, as we were getting ready to leave a rest stop, my phone went off with the emergency alert signal warning of dust storms in the area. Fortunately, those weren't as bad as feared. There was intermittent and sometimes heavy rain coming in to Tempe, but not too awful.

After moving in to the hotel and getting some stuff done, we headed to downtown to eat at the restaurant we enjoyed so much during the last Phoenix-area Westercon, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. Their menu appears to have changed a bit since we were last here, but we were able to get what we wanted and we liked it. This is the sort of long-term economic impact that is impossible to measure when a convention comes to town: long-term repeat business, even from people who aren't local to the convention.

I have more I'd like to write and more photos I'd like to post, but I'm very tired and need more sleep. We're off to Las Vegas tomorrow for two nights at the Venetian before we head home. Unfortunately, I have at least four hours of Day Jobbery to get done while I'm in Las Vegas so that it is on the desired desk by Monday morning, and that means the stay might not be as restful as I would like.
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Stage 11: Tempe to Las Vegas via Laughlin

We got out of Tempe right on our projected schedule at 10 AM, but kept making more stops than I originally expected, and this turned into a very long day.

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Tomorrow we don't have to be up early, and I'm not going to turn on my alarm. We have errands to do, and unfortunately I have Day Jobbe stuff that must be done. I'd do it tonight, but I'm wiped out.

Most e-mail and LJ messages are getting no action. I have insufficient time and energy to post photos of the train museum and of Kingman that I took and of this huge hotel room that Lisa took. The big comfy bed is calling me.