September 11th, 2013

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We Must Be Doing Something Right

I have been banned from a certain blog that needs no further publicity for telling them that their conspiracy theory that the Hugo Awards results have been subverted by a liberal, feminist conspiracy of publishers buying up lots of votes, and that their assumption that the Hugo Awards are a big source of personal income for conrunners, was delusional. At the same time, it appears that other people are convinced that the Hugo Awards are being run by right-wing, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic dweebs who unconsciously discriminate against the Right People. Meanwhile, the fact that it cost at least $60 to vote this year (dropping to $40 next year) is terribly unfair to Real Fans, while others are worried that we're not charging enough to keep people from buying a Hugo Award, because of course lots of people are just begging to drop >$50,000 and go to a pretty decent amount of effort to both subvert the results and not be so obvious that the administrators catch it.

On the bright side, if none of these people considered the Hugo Awards important, none of them would have said anything at all.