September 25th, 2013


1776 on Stage

The American Conservatory Theatre of San Francisco is staging 1776, what I reckon is my favorite musical (although Game Show Show is a near tie with it). Besides having the theatrical version and the LaserDisc (which has more restored footage than the DVD), I've seen the play staged numerous times, but never in very large theatres. This would be a first, and I sprung for a seat on the lower deck (in fact, on the far left of row D, nearly at the stage). I took the train up to San Francisco last night to see the performance.

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But this is all quibbling. It was a good show, well worth the ticket price and the trip up to San Francisco, even though (because I stayed for the on-stage talk), I had to wait until the "Midnight Special" (The all-stops 12:01 AM local departure from San Francisco on Caltrain) and therefore didn't get back to my hotel until nearly 2 AM. That's made today a bit of a challenge, even though I slept in a couple of hours and thus was late to work and will be here late tonight in compensation.