September 30th, 2013


Winter's A-Coming

When we came home from Worldcon, we discovered that one of the tires on the utility trailer had gone flat. While I was in the Bay Area, Lisa took the flat tire off, and now that I am back home, we were able to do something about it. We took the tire to Fernley Tire Center, they replaced the valve stem, and were able to somehow get the tire to fit back onto its rim. This is good because the tires on that utility trailer are salvaged from a mobile home (as is the axle), and are going to be nearly impossible to replace when they eventually give way for good.

With the tires working again, we decided it would be a good idea to hitch up the trailer to my van and head over to Big R in Fallon for a load of a half-cord of firewood. Although Big R hopes to open their new Fernley location in November, it has gotten cold enough that Lisa has built a fire a couple of nights, so we didn't want to be caught behind. The best time to stock up on firewood is before the bad weather sets in. So we made the trip over to Fallon after work this afternoon and now have a big block of "fence posts" (the Douglas fir firewood appears to be mill ends) out behind the garage. Lisa says she'll move them to the wood box as her time permits. She considers it her exercise regime to move the logs.