November 4th, 2013

Conrunner Kevin

Last Day in London

Today I did a bit of tourism, seeing things I doubt I would have sought out on my own if I hadn't been suggested to see them, including the Old Operating Theatre and the Cheapside Hoard Exhibit at the Museum of London. For dinner, I had another exciting expedition, this time to Archipelago (website under reconstruction) where I had zebra and kangaroo among other things. After that dinner, I'm glad that I walked back to the hotel rather than taking the Tube, because I really needed it. OTOH, I walked more than 16K steps today and my feet are complaining. On the gripping hand, I'll spend most of tomorrow strapped into an airline seat flying back to San Francisco, so maybe it evens out.

Speaking of airline seats, I buckled under and plonked down an additional $137 for an Economy Plus seat in the hope that the extra five inches of legroom keeps my legs from cramping out from under me and maybe gives me just enough room to sleep some of the way westward. I'd much rather take the next day off for recovery, but I'm obliged to be back in the office on Wednesday and have at least two meetings scheduled.