November 5th, 2013

Kreegah Bundalo

Back in California

My flight from London to San Francisco was as comfortable as a ride in coach can be. I upgraded to Economy Plus for $137, and the seat next to me did not fill. The E+ cabin was lightly loaded. The plane left 15 minutes early. The armrests on the 777 seats fold up on the aisle. I had room to move around. That extra five inches of legroom meant that I could sit in my seat without my knees being folded under the seat in front of me. We got to SFO early, and the wait through Immigration wasn't too bad, and my luggage was coming off the belt as I cleared CBP. It's annoying to have to do the back-and-forth on BART to get to Caltrain, but I was still able to catch a limited express train, then the #10 shuttle to North First Street, where I walked to my hotel.

I decided that sleeping on the flight was a bad idea and would induce jetlag. That means I've been awake (as I write this) for 21 hours. I am now in my hotel in San Jose and as soon as I can do so, I have to get to sleep to be up at 5 AM tomorrow to get to work by light rail.