November 30th, 2013


Grocery Shopping & Second Thanksgiving

Because I will be away for two weeks, we went to Reno again today so we could stock Lisa up with groceries so she doesn't need to come into town again if she doesn't want to do so. Before getting the groceries, we stopped at the Nugget and had dinner at John's Oyster Bar, then played the slots (giving back all we've won from them recently).

As promised, here's a picture of our Second Thanksgiving feast last night:

Collapse )

This meal served the two of us very well. There's also a duck carcass from which Lisa will attempt to make duck soup after I leave tomorrow.

Tonight I'm doing double packing: the new luggage gets the stuff that I know needs to go to Toronto, while everything else goes in my rolling duffel bag. I'll have to repack on Wednesday night after doing laundry so that I have only one bag going to SMOFCon with me. I'll have to carry my CPAP machine separately and hope that the carry-on exception for medical devices actually applies. (I know it's in the policies; I'm always worried about how policies are followed.)