December 29th, 2013

Fernley House

You Can Get the Wood, You Know

The walnut we bought from Flame-O's Firewood in Fallon has burned nicely, running hot but also burning all night so it's still relatively warm in the morning, but we've (literally) burned through the half-cord of it and needed more. This afternoon we hitched the utility trailer to my van and Lisa backed it up near the wood box so that we could unload the half-cord of Douglas fir we bought before Christmas and free up the trailer. We spent the next 45-60 minutes with her handing pieces of wood down from the trailer over the fence to me where I refilled the wood box and stored the rest near the wood box, stacking it on a pallet to keep it off the ground. After confirming that Big R in Fallon still had firewood, we drove over there and bought another half-cord pallet from them. As it happens, someone else bought one just before us as well; as of our purchase they had seven pallets left. It's not been as horribly cold as in the upper Midwest, where I saw a weather map that translated into -50°C in places, but it still takes a lot of firewood (in the house) and propane (in the trailer) to keep us warm.

While at Big R, we also picked up some additional weather-stripping to help plug leaks in the doors on the house and the trailer, so that a little less of the heat will be uselessly vented outside.

As we drove to and from Big R, we passed Flame-O's, where it turns out that they are completely out of firewood, so even if we'd wanted another half-cord of walnut, we couldn't get it.