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This afternoon, we put the repaired tire back onto the Astro.

Jacked Up

I once again chocked the left rear tire and Lisa plied the jack, then removed the mini-spare, which I set aside. The repaired tire is sitting under the car in this shot in case the van slips off the jack while Lisa inspects the brake shoe.

Brake Shoe

Lisa looked at the brake shoe and pronounced that it really needs replacement, but that she could do a little bit of adjustment to reduce how much it has been squeaking. There's another photo of what it looked like afterwards, but it's out of focus so I'm not posting it.

Ready to Roll

Lisa put the tire back on and got out the torque wrench. I looked up the owner's manual and per its instructions, Lisa set the wrench to 140 N-m and tightened the lug nuts to spec.

After getting the tire back in place, Lisa helped me crank the mini-spare back into its space under the rear of the van and to stow the jack and related tools. The mini-spare probably should be replaced. It's original equipment and thus more than thirty years old. I've used it (as I recall) four times, always for short distances at relatively low speeds, but the sidewalls on the tire are cracked. Also, the van needs brake service. So when we find it convenient to do so, we'll crank the mini-spare out again and take the minivan back to Big O for brake service and to have the mini-spare replaced. After all, we hope to be able to take road trips again someday, and in case of another flat, we want the mini-spare to be up to spec.
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