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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

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Portland to Bid for 2016 Westercon
The last day of 2013 brought with it the official news that Portland, Oregon, has filed a bid to host Westercon 69 at the Doubletree Hotel in Portland.

This bid is sponsored by OSFCI, the non-profit corporation behind OryCon and the last several Portland Westercons. While technically the same sponsoring organization as the bid that led to the marathon site selection business meeting in San Jose in 2011, the leadership and staff of this bid are completely different, starting with chair Lea Rush, who chaired last year's OryCon and has received rave reviews from conrunners I know and trust.

Because Portland filed their bid with Westercon 67 in Salt Lake City before the end of 2013, the Westercon Central Zone (broadly Northern California, Nevada except Las Vegas, and states eastward to 104° W) is "locked out" from bidding for Westercon 69. Bids from the rest of Western North America and Hawaii have until April 15, 2014 to file if they want to be on the site-selection ballot this year in Salt Lake City.

I acted as a technical consultant to this bid, helping with the format of the bid filing. I'll do this for any bid who asks, so I don't consider it a conflict of interest with being Chairman of the Westercon 67 Business Meeting. I'm not expecting there to be a repeat of the epic site selection of 2011 or a three-hour Westercon Business Meeting.

[The icon on this post is a picture of Portland Union Train Station.]

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