January 11th, 2014

Conrunner Kevin

Weekend Retreat

Because I'm chasing another big bonus promotion from IHG, I moved out of the Vagabond Inn this morning and am spending tonight only at the Holiday Inn a block south. In between, however, I went up to Fremont to deal with some errands, including a whole bunch of vehicle fluid maintenance at Jiffy Lube and a trip to Fry's in Fremont and San Jose to get, among other things, a 1 TB backup device for my laptop. That's because the laptop is about to get upgraded from XP to Win7, and it's considered wise to get most of the documents off of it before we actually do the upgrade.

The Holiday Inn is pretty decent and comfortable, and they gave me a late checkout on Sunday so I can watch the 49ers game in peace. And the TV set is a nice HD unit to boot. And they also included breakfast, which I didn't expect.

After moving in and getting the TB drive working (I have only 1 USB 3 connection on this laptop, and it's balky), I set it to copying files, which took many hours. How many? Well, I started just as the first of the two NFL playoff games was getting going, and the last files didn't finish until the post-game show of the second game. But that did give me lots of time to kick back and relax in a comfortable hotel room watching football on a good TV set, so I don't have a lot to complain about. I now there's Mythbusters to watch, which I haven't had a chance to see for a while.

I just hope it isn't too much pain to reconfigure the computer after the Win 7 upgrade next week.