January 26th, 2014


Reno Weekend

We went in to Reno/Sparks both days this weekend because there were some things that couldn't be done on Sunday and one thing that could only be done on Sunday. In retrospect, we should have packed our overnight bags and stayed at the Sparks Holiday Inn, which would have saved us a 60-mile round trip home and also checked off two of the goals on the promotion I'm working my way through for what used to be called Priority Club. (I could end up with as much as a week's worth of free hotel nights in London if I can finish all of the goals by the end of April.)

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This evening, I watched the Australian Open men's tennis final on WatchESPN. I somehow had managed to evade the results (unlike the women's results, which a stray Tweet let out of the bag before the replay was available to watch). As I wrote a couple of days ago, they play the matches because the rankings aren't always enough. Wow, what a tournament for upsets this year.

Now I have to buckle down for what looks to be another very intense week at Day Jobbe.