February 1st, 2014


Grocery Balk

For the second week in a row, we were unable to do a "big grocery" shopping run in Reno, although we did get all of our other chores done.

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I was concerned that Lisa would be in trouble on account of us not having done a big grocery trip two weeks in a row, but she assures me that she can get by. We always keep a pretty large stock of non-perishables (having enough room to do so in Fernley House helps a lot), and she can run over to the local Scolari's Grocery if necessary. If she gets too far behind, she can drive herself into Reno/Sparks and deal with it. The pickup (or the Big Orange Van) needs to get out and stretch its legs periodically anyway.

Weather for tomorrow forecasts a chance of snow developing over Donner Summit in the afternoon, so I need to consider getting up relatively early (like my normal work-day early) and get on the road as soon as I can, to avoid the weather. I'm partially packed anyway, so it should be relatively easy to get going in the morning.