February 19th, 2014


2016 Worldcon Site Selection Bidders

The deadline for filing a bid to host the 2016 Worldcon has passed, and there are two bidders: The expected bid from Kansas City, and the out-of-left-field bid for Beijing.

For those people who I call the "Yellow Peril Protestors," I wouldn't worry, if the Beijing bid filing is any indication of their competence. Their cover letter is from one organization, their organizational papers are a cut-and-paste of Spokane's parent corporation (and therefore contain Washington-state-specific references), and their facilities agreement is with a third name, apparently a social media company in China called Guokr. But in any event, the chance of this being an Official Chinese Government Project to Buy Worldcon seems highly unlikely. I'm not expecting Loncon to suddenly see a huge inrush of supporting members of Good Party Members all with an address of a post office box in Hong Kong or something like that.