February 23rd, 2014

Wig Wag

Circle Trip to Trains

Because we did our weekly grocery shopping in Reno after the ill-fated dentist appointment on Thursday, this weekend we had no specific commitments. It was a rare weekend when I was home and we didn't have something we had to do. Furthermore, the weather was lovely and springlike (which is unfortunate for the long term, but when it's raining soup, grab a bucket). So Lisa suggested a bit of a joy ride. We first drove to Reno, then headed south just to check out the I-580/US-395 extension we'd watched being built for years, over which we'd never driven before. We continued south to Carson City, had lunch at the Nugget across from the Capitol, and went to the Nevada State Railroad Museum. We've visited the NSRM a number of times, and this visit originally was intended to only be trip to the gift store.

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After our longer-than-planned stop at the museum, we stopped for Jamba Juice, then headed home, but not by the route we'd come there. We looped back by way of US-50 and then US-50A, turning north at Silver Springs.

I don't get enough days "off" like that. I hope to get more of them in the future. There are other day trips we plan to make, such as a visit to Fort Churchill State Park and the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola.