March 1st, 2014


You'd Think I'd Learn

...that trying to go grocery shopping on the first day of the month, particularly when that falls on a weekend, is a bad idea, considering that we did the same thing a month ago. But forget we did, and once again we balked when we got to Winco and found the store so full that there were no shopping carts. We'd done some shopping earlier at Whole Foods Market and Grocery Outlet, and Lisa says she has more than enough to keep her going for the next two weeks, so not to worry.

This morning we went to the El Dorado for their brunch, which was better than I thought it would be, and reasonably priced, too.

And the Internet exploded over Loncon 3's choice (and later that same day, the withdrawal) of a host for their Hugo Awards ceremony. It's interesting to me that a whole lot of Americans said, "Who?" when they heard the name. I am deeply conflicted over what happened, given my own history as a former Worldcon chair and as a past Worldcon Events Division head.

One side point: In the many, many electrons spilled over this mess, someone wrote (approximately), "The Hugo Awards ceremony doesn't need to be two hours long. It wasn't that long in 2005." Well, while I don't have the exact timings (which I did do, obsessive as I was about it at the time), I don't think we were quite that breathlessly quick. I responded, "The Hugo ceremony in Glasgow in 2005 did run more than two hours; however, it probably didn't feel that long because, unlike most such events, we actually started on time." And we did, to the extent that there were people who turned up at 8:20 because "these things always start at least a half hour late" and who were cheesed off that we'd started on time.

("How dare you have the 5:20 express train actually leave at 5:20!" was a cry of annoyed commuters when the Rock Island resolved to clean up their chronically delayed commuter rail service. Commuters had gotten so used to the trains' late performance that they'd adjusted, to be dismayed by trains that actually ran to schedule.)