March 5th, 2014


Eye Yai Yai

This afternoon was my annual diabetic eye exam, which means dilated pupils and a lost afternoon because my close-in vision is ruined for hours when they do that. Fortunately, my prescription sunglasses more or less kept me able to see enough to drive around. I was conveniently located to return a piece of IKEA kit I'd purchased on my last trip that turns out to be the wrong size for what we wanted. The return went smoothly, and I headed back to the hotel to lie down in a dark room and wait for my vision to come back.

BTW, there are no problems with my vision other than being tired from spending way too many hours staring at computer screens, including the extra time I'll have to be doing so tomorrow to make up for taking the afternoon off to go to the doctor. I'd originally hoped to group this with my regular medical exam (next week), but the schedules wouldn't work out; fortunately, my ordinary physical doesn't leave me half-blind for hours.
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