March 7th, 2014

Conrunner Kevin

Shuffling Off to Union City

One of the goals of the IHG promotion I need to complete is "stay in four different IHG" brands. Holiday Inn and HI Express are easy. I need two more. So tomorrow I go up to Union City and spend one night at the Crowne Plaza there. This evening after work, I settled my laundry and got stuff packed that I didn't need tonight.

It would be logistically easier to not switch hotels twice in the middle of these stays, but the likely payoff from doing so (and not spending a whole lot more than I would have anyway on hotel rooms) is to pay for most of the London stay on points. Given that Loncon 3 doesn't have to fret over making a hotel block or worry about attrition the way most US-based Worldcons do, if I can put all of my nights there on points, it really is a Big Win (that being the name of the promotion).