March 8th, 2014


Rack 'Em

Lisa informed me this week that she's managed to clear enough wall space to accommodate more shelves, and asked me to buy two more BILLY bookshelves. So after breakfast and checking out of the hotel this morning, I went up to East Palo Alto and did so. This was indeed my second trip there in a week, but that's because we didn't know we'd have room for the shelves when I went there to return the desk extension I can't use.

I arranged me errands to travel clockwise, on account of eastward is the free direction on the Dumbarton Bridge, and my next stop was Fremont, where I got a long-overdue haircut from my "regular" barber in Fremont, bought coffee from Suju's (across the street from where I used to live), and then went for a walk in Quarry Lakes Park, taking a picnic lunch with me and listening to the Giants get thrashed by the Mariners in spring training baseball while taking in the great weather (boo, we need more rain, the lakes are empty) at Quarry Lakes Park.

I've made it to the Crowne Plaza for tonight. To my disappointment, they've bricked up their hot tub. After 13K steps today, I wanted to soak in the hot tub. Oh, well.