March 16th, 2014



Although we have to to into Reno tomorrow afternoon for Lisa's dental work, we went in today to do grocery shopping anyway. Lisa is unlikely to be the mood to go grocery shopping right after having a root canal, and definitely won't want to go have dinner. So we headed in a little later than we meant to do, which meant we didn't get to the Eldorado for their Sunday Brunch until just before closing. The food was good, but we felt slightly rushed as the staff were trying to close up for the afternoon. If anything, we probably ate more than usual on account of the "if you're going to get anything, get it now because we're closing the buffet" warnings.

We waddled back over to Circus Circus, where I discovered that my affinity card was expired. That's okay; I probably created it before we moved to Nevada. I started over as a new member, and ended up with $10 slot credit. Lisa proceeded to parlay the $10 of non-transferable slot credit into nearly $7 of actual money, and we cashed out and went off to deal with our domestic errands at Grocery Outlet, Cost Plus, Whole Foods (good cheese and stewing lamb) and Winco.

My long hours catch up to me at odd times. I was so tired as we walked out of Winco that Lisa offered to drive us home. I'm actually looking forward to working from home this week as much for being able to get up at 6 instead of 5. That short commute of ten or fifteen steps from the bedroom to my desk is really easy to get used to.