March 17th, 2014

Kevin and Lisa


The root-canal specialist's office in Reno called mid-morning and asked if Lisa could come early. I was able to rearrange my work schedule, and we were there for 2 PM. The root canal procedure itself went pretty well, she says. I was able to get some Day Jobbe stuff done by dint of connecting my computer to my smartphone and bridging in the internet that way. Although the original plan was to head straight home, Lisa asked me to take her to Whole Foods to get more bread (they'd been out of the bread she likes when we went there yesterday, but had more today). By then she felt up to having something to eat, but nothing that required chewing, so we stopped off at Jamba Juice and then headed home to Fernley through Reno's version of rush-hour traffic.

Tomorrow we need to contact Lisa's dentist here in Fernley to arrange to have the tooth in question capped.