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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

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Just As Well
Looking at my finances, it looks like it's just as well that I apparently did not win the right to book a room in the "close-in" hotel at Loncon 3 in the "ALoft Lottery," because the only way I'm likely to be able to afford the trip is if I can use my Priority Club points to pay for the room in the Crowne Plaza where I'm currently booked. Even though that's about a kilometer away from the part of the ExCel where the convention will be happening, I'm still better off. (Heck, I walked that far at Glasgow from the dorm housing.) The problem is that I don't have the points yet. I still have to tick off several goals in the promotion that IHG is running, and I won't have all the points I need until early May. I hope I can still rebook the room on points by then.

Current Mood: nervous
Pictures from Bleakwood
I have mentioned occasionally that Lisa is an active "builder" in the ActiveWorlds online community. She asked me to post a couple of photos from the town she's building there, Bleakwood.

Greetings from BleakwoodCollapse )

Lisa built up all of this using the tools in ActiveWorlds. She very much enjoys this. ActiveWorlds memberships are now free, and if you would like to come and "walk around" her town, ask and we'll give you the details.

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