March 28th, 2014

Conrunner Kevin

Hotel in Dublin, not the one where this year's Eurocon will be; the one in California. Specifically, tonight I'm at the Holiday Inn Dublin, California, checking off one more goal on the IHG Big Win promotion. Tomorrow, Lisa is coming down and meeting me in Sacramento, where we have a joint errand about which I will write more later because I don't want to jinx it, then going to Yuba City to pull more boxes out of storage into my minivan, then staying tomorrow night in Sacramento before heading home Sunday.

I got away from work at about 3 PM today, but had several errands to run, including getting the oil changed on my minvan at the Jiffy Lube in Newark where they know me well, and with Bay Area Friday traffic, I didn't get to Dublin until around 6 PM. This is an older hotel property, not accessible friendly, and has odd half-steps here and there, one of which quite literally tripped me up and sent me sprawling as I wheeled my luggage through the door. As I lay there on my back trying to get my wind back, a family coming back from the pool rounded the corner and found me spread out there. I'm sure it looked worse than it really was. They helped me get to my feet and regather my belongings. I was just relieved that my computer (on my back in my pack) took no harm from me rolling over onto it.

I spoke to Lisa this evening. We're concerned about the late-season snow expected tomorrow over Donner. Her pickup should be good for it, though; it has 4WD and snow tires. Fortunately, the forecast for Sunday is clear, so our little two-car convoy should be okay to go then.