March 30th, 2014

SMOF License

It's a Gas

When I stopped at Lodi Junction on Saturday morning to get fuel, I didn't get a full tank of gas because the new high speed pumps are so high speed that they kept kicking off on me even when I tried to fill the tank slowly. I forgot about this until much later.

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As we neared Fernley, I finally noticed that the gas gauge on the minivan was on E. If I'd been able to get a full tank at Lodi Junction, or if we hadn't gone to Yuba City yesterday, or if I hadn't had a full load of heavy boxes, it wouldn't have been as much of an issue. I hoped that we'd be able to make it home, but as the van started to climb the final hill before Exit 46, it sputtered and died. At Lisa's instruction, I put the van in neutral to coast as far as I could, and she rushed ahead to go home and get the 2-gallon gas can in the garage. It turns out that I had enough momentum to crest the hill and therefore started rolling down the exit, and indeed it's not impossible that I might have had just enough to make it all the way to the pumps at the Pilot station; however, a big rig came bearing down on me as I made the turn from the off-ramp, and it is enough of a slight slope up and into the Pilot that I didn't want to risk getting stalled in the access road and tying up all traffic, so I pulled onto the dirt shoulder right in front of the station and let the big rig by.

A few minutes later, Lisa arrived and we put enough gas in the van to get me the few meters to the pumps. (We refueled Lisa's pickup and refilled the gas can as well.) If one did have to run out of gas, there were far worse places to have done so.

Now I'm home again but only for this week, as I'm in a series of home-and-away weeks for personal schedule reasons. The more I do this, the less I like doing only one-week stints.