April 6th, 2014

Menlo Truck

Drive Drive Drive

I woke up all on my own at 5:30 AM and decided to simply get up and start packing. Not being in a big hurry, I didn't get away from home until 8 AM (and had to wake Lisa up to say goodbye), but that's still hours earlier than usual.

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With the various stops along the way, I didn't get to the hotel until after 5 PM. I got one of my usual rooms. I've spent several weeks (in spurts) living in rooms 113, 114, or 115 of the Vagabond Inn San Jose.

I've had to go week-and-week between the Bay Area and Fernley for the past month (and next two weeks) in order to mesh my schedule with various medical appointments for Lisa and me in Nevada and the Bay Area, but I plan to get back into a two-and-two-week schedule soon. This weekly commuting is really wearing. However, another plan that is about three-quarter-baked and about which I will write Real Soon Now should also help quite a bit with the wear and tear and expense of my current work-home commuting schedule.