April 8th, 2014

Match Game SF

Help Me Fill in the ____

Unless things change, I expect that at this year's Westercon in Salt Lake City we'll be doing at least one show (and I hope two, because it usually works out better if we do two) of Match Game SF, our take on the classic 1970s game show with an SF/F theme. Once again, I'm asking people with ideas for questions to send them to me, because one of the hardest things about doing the show is writing new questions.

Match Game is not a trivia contest. There are no "right" answers; there are only matches. In case you've never actually seen the show, it consists of two contestants and six panelists. The object of the game is for the contestants to correctly guess how the panelists have completed a series of fill-in-the-blank questions.

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It's okay to take a question from the original show and rewrite it with an SF/F "skin" if you can think of one. I don't have cable television anymore, so I don't get GSN and thus can't watch the original show and harvest questions from it.

If you have an idea for a question, you can send it to me (my LJ handle @livejournal.com will get to me) or if you don't mind others seeing it, post it as a comment here. Non-LJ members can post, but the posts are moderated, and I'll assume that replies to this post that contain a question aren't intended for public viewing.

Update: I'm going to screen off comments with questions, and thank you to those of you who have posted so far. If your comment goes offline, it means that I saw it!

Unless you say otherwise, if we use your question in the show, we'll give you credit for it at the time I read the question. I really do appreciate people submitting questions, because otherwise I have to re-use old questions, and while they're funny for new audience members, it's a little boring for the returning panelists.