April 12th, 2014


Warmed-Over Kevin

I slept for about thirteen hours last night, which is more than two "normal" nights' sleep for me on working nights. From the sniffles with which I woke up, I have either caught Lisa's cold or else I'm allergic to cottonwood pollen. Spring is here in the high desert, and just in time because I think we had less than ten days' worth of firewood left and I didn't want to have to go buy another pallet of the stuff from Big R this year.

Current plans are to do nothing today if we can manage it. Lisa has an appointment with the TMJ specialist in Reno on Monday and hopes to be sufficiently over her cold to actually go, and I need to recover from another intense work week.
Kevin and Lisa

April 1 Coda

As it happens, much of what I wrote in my post up until the last line of the second paragraph of my post of a few days ago was correct. Her grandfather was an oilfield worker paid in stock (of the Magnolia Oil Company), and through time that stock has become shares of ExxonMobil. However, her actual percentage of ownership is approximately 0.000003%. So instead of buying Union Pacific, we're buying her possible relief from tinnitus.