April 15th, 2014



The last time a lunar eclipse was visible in North America, I was with Lisa in rainy, gloomy Oregon; however, on that night, it was nice and clear and we watched the eclipse and took photos of it. So I guess karma paid us back, because here in high-desert Nevada, as last night's eclipse began, clouds rolled in and covered up the moon. I gave up and went to bed. A little while later, Lisa came and said, "Come look, the clouds thinned out." I put on my robe and slippers and we went and had a look at the eclipse during totality. It was a lovely comfortable night, no wind, and I was happy to admire the view, with Mars glowing brightly above the eclipsed moon.

I did not stick out the rest of the eclipse, as my alarm goes off at 6 AM even when I'm working from home. Lisa told me that the clouds came back soon after I returned to bed and spoiled the end of the eclipse as well. Maybe things would have been clearer in Tonopah.