April 16th, 2014



We had to go into Reno/Sparks this afternoon for vehicle work at Big O tires, and unfortunately we'll have to go back again on Friday because the verdict was that the work that needs doing exceeded the amount of time they had to do it today. Had we convoyed in separate vehicles, we could have left the one with them and came back when they were done with it, but as it was, we just have to come back Friday afternoon to get the work done so the vehicle won't keep dancing back and forth due to excessive front-end camber.

Work waits not for me that much, and I've just now (at 11 PM) completed the requests that piled up from the time I left for Sparks and that I couldn't get done while waiting for them to diagnose the issue at Big O. Besides, I wouldn't have been able to push files as big as I had to push through my smartphone connection there; even on my home DSL it took 30 minutes to upload the files.