April 20th, 2014

Kevin and Lisa

Change of Plans

Originally, Lisa was to come with me today and spend the week in the Bay Area with me. However, we've had an emergency change of plans. The temporary crown on the tooth that had the root canal has broken, so she needs to see her dentist urgently (like Monday if possible). So I'll be heading back to the Bay on my own this morning, we've canceled the appointment we had for her on Monday to have her eyes checked with my ophthalmologist, and she'll try to get to her dentist ASAP.

If Lisa can get her tooth squared away, she'll drive down and join me later in the week. We have tickets for the BASFA Baseball Outing this coming Friday. Also, we have plans to substantially clean out my storage locker in Yuba City, or at least get it to the point where everything left in it will fit in my minivan one load at at time. It's inconvenient and more expensive to have to convoy, but we'll survive.
Hugo Logo

What They Said

No, the Hugo Award Nominations were not rigged

I got myself banned from one of the "right-wing" (for lack of a better term) web sites last year for telling them that their fantasies that Tor Books was buying the election and that there was widespread fraud and rigging of results because the right-wing authors they loved weren't winning Hugos were just that: fantasies and delusions. That was after I had tried to be polite about it. The same goes this year by "left-wing" (again, for lack of a better term) sites who may have some idea that there has been widespread voter fraud to get Certain People on this year's ballot.

Speaking as I was of Tor Books...

Patrick Nielsen Hayden on the Topic du Jour has kind words for those of us like me to do try and do the work that keeps WSFS running, even such things as drafting proposals that we personally disfavor for people to submit to the Business Meeting in order to reduce (it's hard to eliminate) the technical neepery on the floor of the meeting.