May 1st, 2014

Kevin 1994

On Hugo Campaigning

Doubtless it won't win me any friends with some folks, but, rewritten from a reply to a FB posting yesterday, are some thoughts about "campaigning" for the Hugo Award.

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There were something close to 10,000 people eligible to nominate this year, and more people nominated this year than cast final ballots last year, blowing the previous record for nominating ballots cast out of the water. I think the increase in interest in the Awards and increasing number of members of WSFS who have decided to actually cast their ballots is a good thing in general and makes most it harder for small, hard-core blocs of voters to dominate the results. When the Hugo Awards get written up in USA Today (albeit in an opinion piece I did not personally care for), perhaps it shows that the Award matters, despite those people loudly declaring the irrelevance of all awards in general and the Hugo Awards in particular.

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