May 4th, 2014

Rolling Stone

I do not like High Winds and Van...

Having done much of the packing of the Rolling Stone last night, I said goodbye to Lisa and travelswithkuma about 9 AM and set off for the Bay Area. Gusty winds in the Truckee River Canyon challenged me. I responded by cutting speed. That was to be a recurring theme today.

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Now we'll see how well this RV living lifestyle works. I won't be able to stay in one spot for the whole, week though: There's the BASFA meeting tomorrow night — anyone who is there, I'll be parked out back where there's plenty of room — and I also have to go to my company's Fremont facility on Tuesday. That's one of the drawbacks of what I'm doing; while the RV is good as a portable home, it doesn't make a very good runabout. No wonder some RV'ers drive huge RVs that tow a small car behind them.