May 26th, 2014

Kevin and Lisa

Sunday at BayCon

Lisa and I continued our attempt to not over-exert ourselves here at BayCon, sleeping in and not working too hard. In the late morning, we went to the Cargo Cult Books table, where we cashed out the pile of books I'd been accumulating with David Clark and took them out to the Rolling Stone, which has inadvertently started growing a bookshelf of SF/AH/Trains. After we had our lunch, we sat at the Portland Westercon bid table — well, Lisa did the work; I just sat there because she was there — so Lea Rush could both get her lunch and also see a bit of BayCon herself. After Lea returned to take over (Lisa sold two Portland pre-supports while she was in charge), Lisa and I and travelswithkuma looked through the Art Show. I was particularly taken with the Lego Art, and specifically with the Southern Pacific cab-forward locomotive. Had it not been an NFS display piece, I would have been tempted to bid on it.

While BayCon is not particularly costume-heavy these days (which is a shame), there were still costumes to see, and I was able to take some pictures.

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After the Dealers Room closed, David Clark joined us and Warren Buff and the four of us went out to dinner, where afterwards Warren interviewed us for some fannish oral history.

Returning David and Warren to the hotel, Lisa and I went and refueled the Astro so there would be no worries on Monday as Lisa headed home, then went back to the hotel ourselves. We made a pass through the Sunday evening parties, but once again found ourselves feeling very drained, and by 10:30 PM we were back in the room working our way toward bed. In my own case, this is surely a symptom of my having to be up at 5 AM most work days, which has skewed my sleeping schedule into a Franklinesque early-to-bed-early-to-rise pattern.

Lea Rush had to fly back to Portland early this Monday morning, so Lisa agreed to staff the Portland bid table for a while on Monday. As the Portland bid has no more appearances planned before the Salt Lake City Westercon, his meant the Lea could leave some of the bid's stuff with us and we'll carry it in the van to Utah, saving her having to lug it back and forth on the planes to and from Portland. Logistics, ho!