June 6th, 2014


On the Locks

Last night, while it was cool, Lisa unloaded and disassembled one of the shelves in the garage and loaded it in the Astro. This afternoon, we went to the storage locker and reassembled it. It fit as expected, and there's room for another one next to it. When we went back to the house (it's less than five minutes' drive to the locker from Fernley House), some late-Friday Day Jobbery had come up, so I went back to work. When I resolved it, Lisa came in looking hot and a little winded. She'd decided to take a load of boxes over to the locker and put them on the shelves. It's a first step, but a good one. Lisa is very good at this shelves and boxes stuff. I wish I'd had shelves like this in the Yuba City locker, because many of the boxes I'd stored there had crushed under their own weight. Of course, I never intended to have stuff there for twenty years!