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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Saturday, June 7th, 2014

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Shelf Shuttle
Lisa put another load of boxes into the Astro last night when it cooled off, and late this morning, I took them over to the locker and filled the first shelf.

30 boxes make a shelfCollapse )

Later in the afternoon, Lisa broke down another shelf from the garage and we took it and more boxes to the locker. There was a bit of confusion when reassembling the shelf when it turned out that we'd left a few pieces behind at the house, but as it's such a short trip, we were still able to run back home, get the missing pieces, and complete the assembly of shelf #2 just before they closed at 5 PM. They asked if we were going to need access on Sunday (when they are normally closed, but you can make special arrangements) and we told them no; we'll continue the shelf-making and box-moving on Monday.

There's enough room for two shelves across the back of the locker and two along the sides, and we will probably put a pallet in the middle of the locker for a center stack. After that is done, we will have cleared enough space from the garage to go buy the heavier-duty racks and install them in the garage where these lighter-weight ones previously stood.

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The Ultimate Rally-Killer
Courtesy of Mark Evanier, here's a collection of baseball triple plays, including one game in which there were two made by the same team in the same game.

In my four years of playing Little League Baseball, I witnessed one unassisted triple play, more or less like one of those on this video: Bases loaded, line drive to third baseman, who stepped on the bag at third before the runner at third could get back, and chased down the runner who had been advancing from second. He could have also thrown the ball to second, but in this case, the runner had been moving on the crack of the bat and was closer to third than to second by the time he realized he'd been hung out to dry.

(In that particular case, it was neither for nor against me, as I was there waiting for my team's game, which was the next one scheduled on that field.)

I'm more impressed by the around-the-horn triple plays with the ball hit on the ground, rather than as line drives to start the play. Of course, that usually requires a relatively slow runner as the batter, but it still takes a lot of work and a lot of luck on the part of the defense.

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