June 18th, 2014



Lisa reports that Steve from Marraccini Plumbing, Heating & Cooling came out and got the swamp cooler in my upstairs office working, and that it works swell. That's the next step toward eventually having me work from home in that upstairs office rather than from the living room. In another step forward, Steve says that he can remove the old Furnace of Death and the derelict hot water heater, which is a step in the right direction toward rebuilding the space in which they currently sit into a pantry. The new locations Lisa has in mind for a hot water heater and a furnace are not where the existing units are located, and furthermore, the way in which they're installed creates an annoying pinch point in the kitchen. Also, they're on top of the floor beams that were cracked when we moved in, and while they beams were rebuilt, reducing the floor load in that area seems like a good idea to us.