June 21st, 2014


Couch Potato

I was invited to a birthday celebration at a water park today, and I would have liked to have gone, but I'm still not really recovered from that infection. (I'm much better than I was.) They have a television set in the break room at my office, so I'm mostly taking the weekend off while at work, sitting in the break room watching the World Cup and trying to rest.

Drafting Ahead

While sitting in the break room at my office, I am working on drafting the "Popular Ratification" proposal for introduction at this year's Worldcon Business Meeting.

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The challenge, of course, is that the Business Meeting is going to have to be persuaded to vote away some of its own already-limited authority. And furthermore, I expect many people will look at the proposal and find the most convoluted and confusing ways to misinterpret it rather than look at what I consider the plain meaning and intent of a proposal to increase the participation in the rulemaking process to a greater proportion of the members and to also improve the perception of legitimacy of that process.