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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

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Popular Ratification
Warren Buff and I intend to introduce the following proposal at this year's WSFS Business Meeting to replace the existing WSFS Constitutional ratification process (re-vote by second year's WSFS Business Meeting) with a vote by all of the members of the following year's Worldcon. I am posting it here and soliciting feedback primarily on technical matters rather than substantive ones. That is, I want to make sure that everyone reading it thinks that it does what we say it does and does not do things that we did not intend to do. Argument on whether opening ratification up to all of the members is legitimate, of course, but what I'm aiming for here is to have a proposal that doesn't use up all of its debate time in endless technical squabbling over the wording without being able to debate the substantive issue. This is very long and complex and is therefore behind a cut.

Short Title: Popular RatificationCollapse )

Commentary on Substantive ProposalCollapse )

Explanation of Specific ProvisionsCollapse )

About the Ratification and Transition ProcessCollapse )

If you are a member of Loncon 3 (supporting or attending) and would be interested in being listed a co-sponsor of this proposal, let me know. We would of course prefer that any attending members of Loncon 3 who will be at Worldcon attend the Business Meeting (both the Preliminary Meeting to keep it from being "spiked" and the Main Meeting to vote for it), but we're also interested in support from other members even if they cannot attend the Business Meeting.

If you have questions about how this proposal works, please let me know by commenting here. You don't need an LJ account to comment, although I have to approve comments from non-account-holders to prevent spam.

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