June 26th, 2014


I Must Not be a Real Meriken

In light of Ann Coulter's article that's been making the rounds, I obviously am not a Real Meriken, because I have been following the World Cup and watching as many of the matches as I can. (As bad luck would have it, I had a meeting this morning during the second half of the USA-Germany game.) And despite her claims about Real Merikens (which she seems to define as people whose great-grandparents were all born in the USA), well, to the best of my knowledge, not only all of my great-grandparents, but also all but one of my great-great-grandparents were born in the USA. And yet I still enjoy following sports that aren't almost exclusively Meriken and dominated by Merikens.

Oh, and I think the USA is really stupid for not adopting the metric system like sensible countries. We're not going to make the rest of the world go back to using old-fashioned units, and being the only important country still using old units is hurting us. Every time I have to wrestle with international shipping reports (as I've had to do most of my career at Day Jobbe) and get tangled up in unsigned weights and no way of knowing whether the shipments are in pounds or kilograms, I curse the intransigence of the Cult of Stupidity of my fellow Merikens.