June 30th, 2014

Match Game SF

Almost Ready to Roll

Lisa has been packing the Astro with the Match Game gear for the past week now, as well as cleaning the van and otherwise preparing it to head to Salt Lake City for Westercon. Yesterday afternoon between the two World Cup matches, we drove over to Hanneman's Car Wash (the same people from whom we buy our propane) and cleaned the outside as well. After it dried, Lisa stowed it inside the garage. (Thanks to her hard work with shelves and our work moving stuff to the storage locker, we have room to park two vehicles in our two-car garage!) That way the van will stay relatively cool out of the sun until after sundown tonight, when we'll move it out front in preparation for final loading tomorrow morning.

We got our schedules from Westercon today, which confirm that Match Game SF will be on Friday night from 9 PM (time approximate after Masquerade) in Salon B/C. Only those panelists who were previously in Westercon's list of program participants are listing, which means a couple of you who are expected MGSF panelists aren't on the list. I hope you'll be there anyway!

Yesterday afternoon, I went up to the upstairs office (which is now habitable in the summer thanks to the swamp cooler repairs) and finalized the questions we'll be using. I used many of the questions submitted over the past few months, but kept a few of those we've used before. All of the show production gear, including the questions and prizes, is now packed in the Astro waiting for us to move out tomorrow morning. Aside from packing our personal luggage, we're ready to go.