July 1st, 2014

Kevin and Lisa

Let's Blow This Town

Last night, lisa_marli and her family came to Fernley, as they were spending the night here on their own drive to Westercon. (They're driving east through Ely and then continuing east on their grand loop tour.) They we had dinner with them at the Black Bear Diner and then came back to the house and showed the around the place. So now someone else in fandom can vouch for our mini-Winchester House being real.

Once we get finished with breakfast and packing our personal belongings, we're off to Salt Lake City. Today's trip is a low-altitude flight across Nevada on I-80 to Wendover, where we are booked to spend the night at the Peppermill Hotel tonight.

I hope we haven't forgotten anything important. Lisa remembered that we forgot to write any Match Game SF questions for Colonel Chinstrap, but it's too late for that now, so we'll have to try and remember to give him a question for San Diego next year and remember to pack the pith helmet.