July 3rd, 2014

Kevin and Lisa

Westercon Day 1

Lisa noticed at a room party this evening that other rooms had wired internet connections, and when we came back to the room explored and figured out that there was a wired connection in the wall, but it had not been plugged into the console that has various power and data connectors. She plugged it in, I connected the wired connection, and presto, we had wired internet.

Today, Lisa and I had few time-specific commitments. We therefore slept in late, and didn't get moving until nearly noon. This gave us time to go over and see a sight I never though I would see (or hear).

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Just before midnight, we returned to the hotel room to get wound down. Although we're not needed until the Fannish Inquisition at 11:30 Friday morning (I'm moderating; Lisa is recording), we can't lie in as late as we did on Thursday, and we're not able to party all night and con all day the way we were twenty or thirty years ago.